Sick As A Sick Dog

I've always wondered how that phrase was coined exactly. How sick do you have to be to constitute this phrase? How sick was the dog when it was coined? So many questions that my befuddled, cold-infested brain can't quite cope with at the moment. Regardless, I'm sure you've figured out that, yes, I'm sick. But it's … Continue reading Sick As A Sick Dog


10 – #2

Ten Places I'd Love To Visit & Why: Alberta, Canada - I love snowboarding (or should I say snowfunning, eh, eh? No? Ok) so Alberta is so, so appealing. Furthermore, I'm really into Photography, so, it's a no-brainer, considering the Candian landscape! Yosemite National Park, America  - I also love America. No so much their … Continue reading 10 – #2


A little while ago, I thought that it might be good to try and write out ten things each night; this could be 'Ten Things That Are Good About Me' or 'Ten Films I Love'. Over the period of sixth months, I've made some pretty amazing lists. Sometimes I don't finish them - my list … Continue reading 10