So – a little about me? Okay. I’ll keep it as short and sweet as I can – no-one likes a long winded essay on how brill they are, do they.

I’m eighteen and I live in a market town on the border of England and Wales. I have a passion for baseball – New York Mets as my American team, the Toronto Bluejays as my Canadian (my aunt’s family lives in Toronto, so). Don’t ask me to choose between them.

I’m doing A-Levels, I work and I’ve learnt to drive (beep beep, get your coffins ready). I’m also an enthusiastic member of a theatre group; I love directing, filming and acting respectively. I also horseride. Sometimes I get too mouthy and opinionated, but I’m working with that and trying to realise when it’s best not to pour oil onto the fire!

I also like you. You’re a good egg. Thank you for even skimming over this. It means a lot.


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