A leave of absence & the reason why returning to blogging is like returning to a warm blanket.

Being absent from a blog is sort of old hat, really. I’ve never been the most diligent chap in updating (mainly because I suppose the audience I’m ‘reaching’ out to is often just an online passerby, someone who glances quickly at a shop window before continuing about their day no happier or sadder than they had been before). This doesn’t really concern me, truth be told. Thousands of bloggers aim for the stars, and very few reach the heights of blog fame.

In fact, blogging isn’t something very popular ‘today’. It’s more vlogging I suppose; and I fall sort of in the middle of that niche. I was too young to be part of the beginning of YouTube, and I’m now ‘too old’ (read:only eighteen) to really be engaged in any popular YouTuber vloggers who are active because what they’re into mainly appeals to young girls and boys (Zoella, Caspar Lee, etc.), and I’m not into gaming or, truth be told, cooking at all.

Those that I do enjoy – the more mature, adult version of Louise Pentland, for example – I very rarely watch, because the digital format of YouTube pisses me off (I sound like my nan, bless her) and I always end up going down an infinite rabbit hole wherein I somehow find myself watching the mating season of a snail two and a half hours later.

But I digress. A blog – such as mine, and such as many millions out there – is being rendered more obsolete every day, I feel. It’s more of a platform for people to talk about their daily lives, stresses, worries and aspirations without the looming fear of peers claiming they’re attention seeking, or that they need to ‘get a life’ because they spent fourty hours plucking their eyebrows (and if you do, you must have eyebrows the size of the Sahara with the density of the Amazon Rainforest, you poor lamb) (I’m impressed).

Instagram and Snapchat seem to have a strong aura of such a divided attitude – you couldn’t post a picture with the genuine comment of ‘I bought this today … and spent such and such’ without garnering a response that varies from ‘omg, goals. so jel bbs’, to ‘wow, vain much????’ because that’s just how the hive mind of these specific apps work. You have to sound sarcastic to hide how you really want to show people you can afford nice things, because being able to show off the nice things you’ve worked hard for is considered to be very vain. Only, of course, if it’s women’s clothing or underwear or makeup. If it’s a car, a house, an XBox or the such then sure, it’s fine. *cough*

Blogging is a more … defined version of that mindset? It’s hard to explain. It’s just I know for a fact that you can be more opinionated on a blog, have stronger views etc, and, although it won’t reach as many people as it would on a website that can link everything through strong, global hashtags, it still has a less likely chance of receiving the commonplace mansplainer/I Hate All Men SJW’s (social justice warriors who claim they’re about feminism but they’re truly not if they degrade and want to hurt men just because they were born with a penis)/online troll who makes accounts specifically to target political or ecological posts to get everyone to fall out with each other that you encounter on digital platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

I have become very adept at spotting such trolls.

But for the second time, I digress. Returning again to blogging is something of a knitted blanket. You can put it away for a while, knowing that it’s sitting there somewhere, waiting, and whenever you want to get it back out, it’s more than willing to let you pour your feelings out into it without fear of being judged or harassed. I’ve been absent for a considerable period of time – I think I’ve been gone since my A Levels begun (shock horror). I’ve finished them now – I passed and I’m taking a year out. I’ve applied to Uni and gotten a new job. Things have changed dramatically in a short space of time for me, and I want to pursue bigger and better things.

So I’m going to put a little list of goals I’d like to achieve in my year out right here, on my knitted blanket blog, so that I know I have it written down and there’s no excuse for me to forget to do them.


  • Lose that last bit of pooch around my stomach, ready for a wedding next February (there will be a doughnut cart, a Beefy Boys van, homemade wedding cake, lots of alcohol and goodies, and I want to gorge myself without being sad about my stomach) and your sunny French holiday in July/August.
  • Meet up with your close friends. It doesn’t have to be all at once, but just get together and let them know you value them and love them still, after months or years apart.
  • Get better at cooking for University – fill up your ‘WTF’ book to the brim and tack in extra bits and pieces. Doesn’t hurt to be able to cook – even if it means working with the grated edges of a tin can and a tin foiled bowl of flour and water
  • Continue to save money for University – we’re at £80.00 now, but think of how much you’ll have in a pot later!
  • Do a good thing every day that puts a smile on other people’s faces – it can be feeding the dog for mum and dad in the early morning, helping people out at work so they have less of a workload, ringing up Nan & Grandad to say hey. Small things.
  • Head to at least 30 National Trust sites and get records down about their design and interior statement. Sketches, photos and leaflets all help.
  • Make an item of clothing that you want to wear.
  • Really begin to love your body. You were given it for a reason; you can tone and shape, but you have to remember that you are you, and people love you for who you are (and whoever you’ll end up with will love you for it too, cellulite, spare fat, freckles, acne and scars be damned)(ewwww, cliches and gross feelings).
  • Be more optimistic about life – don’t set yourself up for failure because it softens the blow of a downfall. Learn from the pain and grow stronger. Clipped trees get harder to clip and prune every year – but they continue to grow.

So far, that’s my list. It’s long, at the moment, but over the final months of this year, and the upcoming of the next, I hope I’ll be able to revisit this post and strike through all of them! I love everyone.














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