Off To London!

The day is nigh. The night draws to a close, and with it, the next day approaches.

So, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m off to the big ‘ol city tommorrow! I’m pretty excited because this time, I’m not freaked out and stressed at the fact I’m seeing celebrities and a premiere (It was the Scorch Trials and I got to see Dylan O’Brien. What more can I say as a little fangirl?).

This time, I’m going with my mum and meeting up with my godsister. I generally just call her my sister though. She’s that close to me.

Together, we’re going for a photoshoot experience with some professionals and then on a Big Red Bus tour around London to see all the sights. I’ve never been a tourist in my own capital city, so I’m determined to get some sweet snaps. And if that wasn’t good enough, apparently it’s meant to be sunny all weekend. Result!

This is short and sweet because I’m about to eat dinner, but hopefully I’ll update soon with my excursions which you all obviously love reading. (I know ya don’t, but I’m excited and young and looking forwards to it.)

Much love,



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