Star Wars, Spinach and Strawberries – Oh My!

So I suppose the title gave away what I’m about to post about completely, right? Yeah? Okay, I’ll continue regardless.

The first isn’t that much of a deal, as basically everyone and their third removed great aunt knows that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has come out on DVD finally. It’s brilliant, beautiful and a masterpiece and I think I shall re-watch it tonight.

The other two are more of a steady impact on me. I’ve never ever liked spinach, no matter how hard mum and dad tried to tell me I could one day be a female Popeye if I ate my greens. It’s too metallic for my tastebuds – some potatoes and carrots make my eyes water with the taste of copper. I think it’s the iron present or something. Regardless, the fact still stands that I don’t like it, super food or not.

So it came as a surprise for me and my family, who have an ongoing ‘joke’ that I don’t like anything healthy (which I do, I just don’t really like spinach, rocket, carrots or tomatoes), when I finally ate something voluntarily with the green bugger in it. Granted, it was only a little amount in a pine nut and parmesan pasta from Tesco’s down the road, but still. As you can tell, this minor little detail of my life shocked me so much I had to put it on the internet.

This is where the hashtag ‘typical white girl’ would probably be accurate.

As for strawberries? I ate the first ripe ones of this year! Or at least in my house. I’m not saying I Black-Friday-ed the entire world just to sample the first ripeuns of the year because that, frankly, would be impossible and yet, pretty impressive. We have some going off, incidentally, so I might stick ’em in the blender. My elder brother bought one of those Nutri Ninjas – but one of the ‘extreme’ ones that’s basically the smoothie maker version of those steroid infused body builders you feel inferior against when you go to the gym. The noise it makes blending is enough to wake Sleeping Beauty up, I shit you not.

So, there’s my diatribe of this interesting day. Average and white girl still, but aiming to be mentally and physically healthier in the future!

(And a bonus?! It was super sunny and warm today, which raised my spirits so much! Keep it up, UK, and I might not resent living here quite so much.)(Resent is a strong word. Intensely dislike maybe.)




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