EXTRA: Daily Cliche Fix

I went for a walk today. I know, sounds pretty boring, huh? Average white gal goes for a stroll and wants to blog about it? So cliche.

But I realised after coming back from my walk, having photographed lambs and streams and the sun through the treetops (I like photography, go me), that I don’t do it enough. It’s amazingly calming, just taking a walk and snapping some pictures, as there’s very little that could possibly stress you. Maybe a farmer asking you to get off his land might raise your anxiety levels, but other than that, it’s just you, the countryside (or city) and maybe your tunes.

Now I can hear a little voice in the back of my mind jauntily singing ‘some people don’t live in the countryside, you pooper!’, and yes, I know that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a de-stressing walk. Sometimes looking for nature – so, ivy on walls, flowerbeds in peoples gardens or hanging boxes, can be an engaging and relaxing thing, as nature has a … dare I say it, natural (I did. I said it) way of destressing the human body. If it helps cityfolk trying to destress, putting headphones in (and if you’re just on a jaunt, it might be better not carry a bag, just so you can be aware of yourself and your surroundings and not the pressing fear you might get mugged and not realise until you’re home) and playing some music can help detach you from your hectic schedule.

But even just being outside can help. Being cooped up indoors makes me twitchy, something I didn’t realise until I stepped into the sunshine and slight rain an hour ago. But take the time to look for nature in the world, to appreciate what’s around you rather than bustling from point to point in your life and not knowing what the world truly looks like. Look up at the second levels of buildings in towns, to the sky at skyscrapers to see the height difference. Look at the sides of riverbanks to see foliage, or the brickwork. Think of people building the bridges you walk over, think of how things would fit.

I am a culprit of going from one place to another; home to college, college to town, town to work, work to home. I very rarely just sit and look at the world go by, and now I’m genuinely going to work it into my schedule, because it’s amazing at how relaxed it can make you. Alongside lots of water, time out to chill, yoga and a little exercise, I’m feeling like this could be conducive to some pretty swell A-Level results.

I hope this also inspires some others to step outside and appreciate our world too! It’s much too short a life to just go through it. It’s time we all start being part of it instead.




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