Sick As A Sick Dog

I’ve always wondered how that phrase was coined exactly. How sick do you have to be to constitute this phrase? How sick was the dog when it was coined?

So many questions that my befuddled, cold-infested brain can’t quite cope with at the moment.

Regardless, I’m sure you’ve figured out that, yes, I’m sick. But it’s not awful sick. Just a blocked nose, the occasional cough and squinty eye syndrome most of us get when cold and flu season hits us like an avalanche in the mountains. Usually I don’t get colds. I have a pretty strong immune system for someone who doesn’t sleep properly, eats all the wrong things and doesn’t get enough sunlight (but then, who does in England unless you can afford to go away for the summer?).

However, when I do get colds, they usually last for a long time. I’m hoping that I’ll get over this one quite quickly, given that it’s the Easter Holidays. Usually, it falls within college term times, which means I’m up late finishing work I should have done a week before, up early to catch the 7:52 bus, and I never take in a proper lunch, because my college has piss-poor socialising spaces. Literally, there’s no-where decent to sit at lunch. We have 100 ‘tables’ that seat 4 people, but 2500 students, and the only other seating available is outside. Where it’s raining approximately 99.6% of the time, especially this close to the Welsh border. That means I don’t take in lunch, really, which then means my cold lasts longer because I’m not treating myself well.

Now, however, I’m drinking lots of water (as in, I’m peeing about twenty times an hour), I’ve taken my vitamins, I’m eating sort of healthily, and I can have a good old lie in to make up for the hours into the night I’ve been marathoning Once Upon a Time. Hopefully, it’ll pass within the week.

For now, I think it’s safe to say I can indulge in some more magical mystery plot-twistery television on Netflix before I do some homework.


(Also, even if you love them, please don’t take my photos. This is just a precaution, and also a notice that I will know. Especially this one. My pup is no longer with us, so I guard everything about him with my life now.) xx


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