Oily Enough To Fry Chips On

Well that’s a stimulating title for a post, isn’t it? Gets even better when you realise I’m talking about my eyelids.

Mmmm. Delectable.

But seriously – there’s nothing worse than oily eyelids. It means that your eyeshadow and eyeliner smear all over the place, this way and that, as though your lids were an ice skating rink instead of protective coverings for your eyeballs. It’s even worse when you have hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes, I hear you not ask? What are they? Well it’s pretty simple; it means that your eyelids are a little smaller than most, and that when you look straight ahead, you can’t see much of it at all. For me, you can see a little bit of the inner eyelid and that’s it. As luminous as it makes my eyes look, depending on the temperature, the cleanliness of my grandad’s cabbage patch and what next door is having for breakfast, it’s a nightmare for eye makeup, as the eyeshadow just disappears into your eye socket the moment you look up!

It gets even more disappointing when your oily lids make all of your carefully applied smokey-eye glide up to the top of your eye lid into an irritating, if beautifully straight, line of make-up. I know there are thousands of girls and guys who have the same problem as me – primer doesn’t seem to work, no matter what the companies claim, glue doesn’t seem to work (and no, I haven’t actually tried that) – it’s like our eyes are complaining that they’re perfectly fine being naked and free.

Nudists, the lot of them.

One day, I’m hoping my face will balance out with my elbows and become smooth and soft and spot-free. Maybe then I can wear makeup without looking like a wannabe Bucky Barnes halfway through the day!


(The picture has NO relevance, I’m literally just testing things out, haha!)


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