10 – #2

Ten Places I’d Love To Visit & Why:

  • Alberta, Canada – I love snowboarding (or should I say snowfunning, eh, eh? No? Ok) so Alberta is so, so appealing. Furthermore, I’m really into Photography, so, it’s a no-brainer, considering the Candian landscape!
  • Yosemite National Park, America  – I also love America. No so much their politics, just as much as I dislike my own country’s politics, but you can’t deny that their country is absolutely gorgeous and diverse. Yosemite Park is a place my parents visited when they first got together, so it’s high up their on my bucket list. Plus – photograph opportunities!
  • Iguazu Falls, Brazil  – does this need an explanation?! The raw power of waterfalls holds me in awe, and the Iguazu particularly are appealing to me. Not sure why, but they are!
  • Maldives  – the sheer majesty of this nation’s beauty is a sight to behold on Google Images – I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like in person! Plus, I’ve never swam in warm, clear waters, so that’s also appealing!
  • Bali, Indonesia – this was my mumma and pop’s honeymoon destination. They thoroughly reccomended it. They didn’t recommend getting food poisoning, like mumma did, however. Still on here, though!
  • Japan  – I really love Japanese culture and history; I’m fascinated with it, even all of the negative things (because you can’t judge an entire nation on the acts of a few, of course!), and I really would love to visit; not sure whereabouts in Japan yet, as there are a lot of islands, obviously, but it’s definitely staying here.
  • New Zealand – other than the fact they filmed ‘Lord Of The Rings‘ and ‘The Hobbit‘ here, this country holds no value to me. At all. Aha. No, I kid. Have you seen New Zealand? It’s like … paradise. Or at least, the off-the-beaten-track bits are! With a local guide, I’m sure I can see the ‘wild’ New Zealand, interspersed with city life, if I ever end up there. But seriously. Hobbinton. 
  • Scottish Highlands, Scotland – despite it being nought but two hours north(ish), I’ve never really been anywhere but across the county border, over the Welsh border, and down to London. I adore Scotland, and I truly want to see it’s wild, brutal glory. Without being bitten by a werewolf when the mists roll in, of course. (I know he was bitten in England, and it was filmed in Wales, but still, mists, moors etc, etc.)
  • Dalmatian Coast, Croatia – Need I say any more?
  • Australia – my big bro went to Australia on a year out and was hooked. When he finishes in the Navy, he plans on moving there. Plus, in following ‘tuula’ on Instagram, who is a Aussie herself, I have a whole separate list of places to visit, based purely on her suggestions/experiences! Also – Great Barrier Reef, guys. Hopefully I can see it before the Aussie Gov. decides to build oil platforms or something close by!

One day, guys, one day!

KTea x


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