Don’t Sell Yourself Short.

During my time at college, I’ve noticed so many people selling themselves short as individuals; they take off a bow-tie half way through the day and put it away when someone so much as glances at it. They raise their eyebrows and laugh when someone compliments their faux-hawk.

Seeing other people downplay their individuality and beauty has made me a lot more aware of my own problems with how I perceive my ‘shortcomings’. It has its ups and its downs with me – on days, I will be happy with how I look. I will be confident as I walk into college in my suede booties and floral print from the darkened depths of Hollister. On others, I will stare into the mirror and at that new spot on my chin; at the oiliness of my skin. I will shuffle into college in a familiar hoodie and skinnies, trying not to be noticed.

And it happens to so many of us. Sometimes we’re so frightened of being looked at, of being so desperate to melt into the shadows, that people who attempt to perform a similar thing notice us. Straddling the border of ‘sometimes fashionable, sometimes slobby’ has its perks; people know I can make an effort, so they don’t care what I look like. Sometimes this isn’t the case for others.

But you know what? Who gives a flying monkey’s arse? If you want to wear that bow-tie, please wear it. You’re standing out and making a statement. Just because you’re not wearing harem pants, adidas trainers and a vaguely hipster patterned shirt and rocking it with some dangly earrings or a snapback, it doesn’t mean that it’s a total fashion faux-pax. In my opinion, nothing it. If you have the confidence to wear it, freaking wear it because you so own it.

Don’t sell yourself short. We’re all individual (which is so cliched) and yes, you’re going to come across people who tell you what you shouldn’t wear – and if they’re being honest about it and explaining why and what they can help you with and are being genuine, take it into account. If they’re being nasty, you can usually tell. That’s the point to just turn on your blank face, be the bigger person and smile. A smile confuses nastiness more than reciprocated cruelness does.

Ever yours,



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