A Step Back, A Look Forwards.

I had an interesting day today. I managed to keep the whole ‘eat good things’ vibe going; I had lots of grapes (and experienced way too many grape puns because of it) and a decent time when I got back home later. However, I will admit I did indulge in a chocolate bar, about eight (I know, right?) meatballs and, after work, a toasted ham ciabatta roll.

Logically, I know this isn’t too bad. I did have good stuff today, but I think I need to focus on taking in good snacks too. I ate the chocolate bar out of boredom; I had twenty minutes to kill waiting for my bus, and I stayed at college for it because it was cold enough to freeze your bits when you were wearing a pinafore. The meatballs were more of a desperate moment of ‘I’m hungry as heck, let me eat’, and the toastie was a ‘end of week, end of work’ sort of thing. Every once in a while, these things are fine. I haven’t had a chocolate bar for about a week, the meatballs about three – but they are IKEA meatballs, so you can’t really blame me for the amount I ate – and the toasties I bring home are usually eaten by my family!

Thinking about this blog helps me; it keeps me motivated to eat well in order to have my brain power for my upcoming exams. All I need to do now is to drink some more water – I am seriously dehydrated! Also, I think a cat snuggle is in order.

Much love,



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