Curious Sluggish Phases

I’ve been experiencing some odd and peculiar moments of sluggishness recently. As amusing as I find it to imagine a slug with my face etched upon its slime-ridden body, I got quite concerned.

I forget what I had for breakfast later in the evening, upon the same day, and reply to questions about how hungry I am, asked by Pops, with ‘alright’. Usually, I’m quite energetic – or as energetic as an eighteen year old can actually get, despite common thoughts that teenagers are the most energetic out of all ages (what bull) – and perky. But this bout of odd bodily behaviour has had me re-thinking my diet.

I can’t even begin to think of the amount of people who have gone through the same process as I – millions, perhaps. However, with approaching exams and, later, an approaching Gap Year in Canada snowboarding, which is taxing both physically and mentally, I think perhaps now is a decent time to begin working on healthy eating. I should have done it a long time ago, but my excuse was always ‘it’s going to harm my mental productiveness if I suddenly change diet now!’.

Now, I laugh. It was never going to be a sudden, drastic change. It will be steady; I’ve already cut out the soda (or ‘pop’, if we really want to be English. Soda just sounds so much better, despite all of these prescriptivists desperate to keep English purely English. I bet they cosy up in their pyjamas after washing their hair with shampoo and have a cup of coffee without any regard of what they’re doing. They just look down on America, which is bullcrap.) (I digress). After realising that it (the soda) was causing metallic smelling problems down below, I phased it almost completely out. It’s a lot easier to go cold turkey with Coke when you just think ‘You’ll be drinking acid’ every time you look at it. Which you’re not, I hasten to add, because, as well as being highly illegal, that’s very dangerous to do.

Never drink dangerous acid kids. Never do acid, either.

But the chemicals involved in giving Coke it’s flavour on the ingredients label made me realise how many toxins I was drinking up to five times a day. They are acidic, but aren’t dangerous ones, when drunk in moderation. It was the same for other carbonated drinks, excluding fizzy water, which I dislike anyway. Now, I aim to think of the same for chocolate and the such. I won’t be cruel to my body and cut it out suddenly – going cold turkey never really worked for me, anyway, as I have a very intense sweet tooth, and during menstruation, it’s almost impossible for me not to have something sweet.

I just need to make the better choice and eat fruit instead. It sounds so boring, but if you’re determined, it’s totally possible. You just have to make it interesting to make and consume! That’s why my mother bought me a mini ‘Leon’ cookbook specifically for lunches. I don’t really eat at college, which is another bad thing to do, because your body and brain needs fuel to keep going through the day, because I always make sandwiches that are too boring, or go dry, or are just unappealing by the time I get to them. The recipes look very interesting – some look … odd. But that’s just because I haven’t cultivated a taste for them like I have with sugar.

After a while, I fell in love with quinoa. I’m sure I can do that same with aubergines! In saying this, I do believe it is lunch-time. My Thursday free period stretches from 10:00am to 2:00pm. It is half eleven and I last ate at 6:55.

I believe something tasty is in order.



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