Cravings Incident: One.

It’s already started.

I thought that perhaps, instead of suffering in silence and staring longingly at the chocolate easter egg perched innocently upon the fridge freezer, I would try and distract myself from eating sugary things constantly by writing a mini post about it. That way, not only can I calculate how many times a day I crave sugar and work around this, but it also gives people the idea that diets and healthy eating aren’t easy when you’ve been on such an unhealthy one to begin with.

Celebrities make it look so insanely easy, but as a student learning to drive, participating in a theatre course every Sunday, working and doing college, I don’t have the spare time to go to the gym. Nor do I have the money. Health magazines are totally ridiculous when you look closer; they tell you how to diet, and then two pages later, they tell you how to make the most wonderful chocolate cake that has about 400g of butter and sugar packed into it.

It’s sickening, it’s a ploy to get you to buy their magazine again, and sadly, it works on a grand scale.

Hopefully, even if there’s a passer-by who dares to follow these escapades, this will show you how it is for someone who leads a relatively normal, average joe life; one where there’s a simple human with an incredibly weak will, next to no motivation, and an intense sweet tooth.

In doing this, I no longer want to eat the easter egg, and in saying that, I just told a big, fat lie. I still want it, but my brain knows I don’t need it. With the promise of dinner around the corner, as well as a homework free schedule (wow, is this a parallel universe?) hopefully my body will begin to realise it doesn’t need snacks.








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